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vagabond LOVE ("vL") is a personal boutique service for the couple that plans to elope or wander to a dream destination for a small intimate wedding and desires to escape the printed details but still want to invite creatively and personally to a intimate guest list or announce the beginning of their life "as one" post the elopement. we do intimate gatherings too!

vL will create a custom electronic invitation for you to email to your guest.  if you want to focus on other aspects of your love, as an additional service to you, we will email your invitation to your guest list using our vagabond love email address.  as the same, once you've been pronounced "as one" and off to celebrate your love, we can email your creative announcement.  if you want your guests to RSVP, we will keep track of the responses for you using our reply@vagabondlove.com email address.  

our boutique service allows you the opportunity to concentrate on the intimacy of your occasion while still inviting or announcing to your family and personal friends of your wish for them to join your intimate celebration.

vagabond love "i totally eloped" packages coming soon (charming venue, officiant, flowers, cake and photographer)


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